by Bill Herman

(for the party, I made 2.5x this recipe and still had a lot leftover)

In a couple tbls of butter, sauté ½ cup of pancetta and a ¼ cup of good flavorsome ham

Fine dice, an onion, a good size carrot and a celery rib.

When the stuff in pan is browned, throw in the diced veggies.

When the veggies have softened somewhat, add (in small batches, not all at once): ¾ lb ground beef, ¼ each of ground veal and ground pork, Cook these somewhat, then add ¾ cup of stock (whatever’s on hand), ½ cup white wine.

Simmer this panful of ingredients so that the liquid is partly evaporated.

For our LARGE batch, we added a large can and a half of whole tomatoes, put thru the food processor, and a whole small can of tomato paste. For the above recipe, I’d use a whole can of tomatoes and half a can of paste.

Now give it some salt, pepper and a goodly dash of ground nutmeg.

Start from this point a thirty-forty minute simmer. Add some hot water if it seems dry.

THEN, as you’re getting ready to serve: add anywhere from ¼ cup to a whole cup of HEAVY cream.

Yum yum.