To make 2 good-sized pizza ghien's

3 lbs. ricott' (minus 3/4 cups)
2 big bunches of parsley, washed, dried and chopped in food processor.
3/4 lb. parmigian' — grated in food processor.
16 oz. basket cheese, cut up.
10 eggs beaten — 4 tsp. black pepper — 1 tsp. salt.
(add cut up ham or sausage — or neither)

Mix everything together and put into whatever pie crust you like. I'm partial to Pillsbury when there's so much else to do. But I'm sure James' crust is very very fine and worth the effort.

A criss-cross crust brushed with egg yolk and milk mixture will get golden and glorious.

350 degrees, 40-45 minutes — check that knife comes out clean.